Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our new grandbaby!

We have several wonderful grandchildren....all very sweet and is our latest. He is 17 hours old here...still in the hospital. We will get some studio shots soon. Grandchildren are just the best...someone was so right that said....just skip the kids....get grandkids.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

YOU are SO Cute!!!!

This little girl just turned two this month and talked like an adult. I have never seen a child that talked like she did. We had taken several photos but I couldn't get that big smile that I wanted so I was hiding behind the light box and jumping out making silly faces.....she got really tickled and kept laughing....finally she looks up at me and says: "YOU are soooooo CUTE!" She said it with the same inflection an adult would. She was adorable.

I have some wonderful news! I have a new GRANDBABY! He is the sweetest, prettiest, and smartest baby ever! I will post some images very soon.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Don't you love this....two sweet little Cherubs....or is it Big Sister Cherub aiming for Little Brother Cherub's bootie? This was an office favorite when the proofs came in.

I want to share this with all you OVERWORKED AND UNDER APPRECIATED moms. This came from my niece, Bridget. She has 5 children, works nearly full time as our retoucher and has an exuberance for life that ....well, I would just be exhausted.

This morning when Tj took Bo, our dog, outside he took off. I told Tj to just stand outside and yell for him, I was trying to get the rest of the kids ready for school. A few minutes later I heard honking in front of our house and new it was Bo. Running out on to the front porch I saw Bo in the middle of the road blocking traffic. Cars were honking and trying to drive around him. I began screaming "Bo!!!! Bo!!!" He finally heard me and ran into the house.

Yes, that was stressful, but it was later when I walked by the mirror that embarrassment really hit.

My hair was what we would call "Bed Head", having not been touched since I climbed off my mattress this morning. Eye make up had worked it's way down my cheek bones. I was wearing a Victoria Secret Black and White zebra print robe. My pajama pants were loud primary color and striped. But here is the best part of all is this. Because of the ultra cold weather I have found if I tuck my pajama pants into my socks at night it helps keep me warmer. Last night I put on a pair of Tate's socks. So up to me knees, over my pajamas were a set of black (that's right black) men's socks.

I live on Main Street. It is the main street in our little town and has a lot of traffic in the morning as people here head off to work and school. A multitude of locals drove past as I screamed like a maniac from my front porch dressed in that get-up.

From my life experience, I have found if you are having problems with pride, load yourself down with a half a dozen children and make a trip out in public.

If children are not available, get a large disobedient dog.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Too pretty!

I teased the parents of this beautiful baby that he was too pretty to be a boy. He has the most cherubic face. He had lots of smiles for us but this image with his thumb in his mouth was my favorite.
Don't forget it's Teacher Appreciation this month...1/2 off prints to our wonderful teachers.