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Cute Little Feet

Fun Family Photos

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Last Friday we invited some little angels to come in and model some new tutus we had purchased. It was a lot of fun....they did so well with their photo shoot. Click here to see all the little angels:

Bird Bath Angel

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

summer blues

This is our new old truck in our photo park. He was just perfect.

A mother's love

There isn't anything a mom won't do for her child. What does a mom do when the sweet baby starts to get tired? Hold the baby in a white towel, with a hair dryer (for white noise) held in your feet.

Just had to share this....this was a great shoot.

Behind the scenes:

Final photo:

School Photos

We are building the cutest set. It looks like the front of a classroom with the blackboard and old fashion desk. I will post some pictures as soon as we get it finished. We are going to use it at Cokesbury Children's Center for their fall pictures.

Everyone complains about how bad the school pics are,
I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing school photos here. The packages would start at $25.00. They would be printed just like school packages but you will be happy with them. I think it would be a fun morning.

Suggestion: If you have a little one, do it with their backpack. When I drop my granddaughter off every morning, those little 1st graders are so cute going in with their tiny backpacks that look huge on them.

We would set it up for a Saturday morning. Let me know...if we get a few that are interested, I'll set a time.

If you are reading this from the website, come be my friend on facebook and comment there:

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Have you heard that I have a beautiful grandson? Well, let me show you.

We are almost finished with the Pace High School senior yearbook photos. A wonderful experience. Great young people....I have to share something ....When I started doing seniors I was wondering what would I have in common with these young adults? This week we had a sweet young lady come in, she was so excited about doing her photo shoot...kept telling me how much she loved my stuff...then gave me the best compliment of all....."You remind me of my Nana" Well, I'm not cool and young but as long as the seniors like my photos, I will be glad to remind them of "Nana" Isn't that sweet?

The first new client and the first existing client to comment on this facebook entry will each get a prize!/profile.php?id=643377913 (In case you are reading the blog from the website)

The existing client gets a free coin purse and the new person gets a free sitting fee. ($50 value)

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

I have a recommendation for you: We had a birthday party for the grandkids here and rented a water slide. Best party we have ever had. We didn't plan any other games...they barely wanted to stop for cake....they played so hard. It was a brand new double sided slide with "bumps" in the slide. They were airborne half the time. Saturday morning one of them told their mom "there is something wrong with my legs" She was sore from all the climbing. LOL!
Aloha Bouncers was great! Delivered and picked up on time.... working with them was very easy.

This is the lull before the storm...we start Pace High Seniors this week ....yearbook shots. It will be busy, our Baby Planners need to speak up if they need anything from us or if you don't hear from us. If any seniors still need to change their appointment, we need to hear from you. We are on a deadline for the yearbook....don't make Ms. Bondurant mad!!! Just Kidding!

We had our Game Colors special this week. Here is a great one. Grandparents with the grandkids. They even had a FSU wreath!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

What an angel? This little thing has a head full of gorgeous hair. This is big sister with her.

We are mailing out the appointments for the Pace High Seniors. Let us know if you need to change it or you want to do a full session.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Look at the cowgirls!!! They are precious little things....I have been photographing them forever and every time they come, they just get sweeter.

On another note, we are one of several photographers working with the Heart Gallery. This is an adoption project where the kids that are eligible for adoption are photographed and showcased on the Heart Gallery website. The Gulf Coast website is:

These kids are just precious and are so in need of a home. If you get a chance, copy and paste the link and send it out to all of your friends and never may be instrumental in getting one of these wonderful kids adopted.

On a final note today...I am really aggravated...I bought a frozen pizza...supposedly one of the healthy brands. I opened it and man, did I get jilted! The top pizza is the picture on the box....the bottom one is the actual pizza! Talk about "bait and switch" Where are my veggies????? Live and learn.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A recent beach shoot for a beautiful family....this shoot had added benefits....a man that will smile. Guys, do you know how hard it is to get some of you to smile for photos?????
We appreciate you coming with your family smiling or not smiling. Every family needs a family portrait every few years. My personal photo album is sadly lacking in family photos because I was the photographer!!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A recent image of my daughter. She sent this to her sweet hubby stationed in Japan.

As many of you know we have been baby/children photographers for many years....We started high school senior photography with the '08 class. The great news is we were chosen to be the school contract photographer for Pace High School for the 2011 class. We will do all the yearbook photos, but we will have to work hard to earn the privilege of doing the full senior sessions....and we are VERY excited about this. GO PATRIOTS!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This is my latest portrait of my grandson, Lance. That baby gets the award for "Easy". He eats, plays, and sleeps... with a little dirty diaper thrown in. You know what they say....when the first is this easy....Look out for #2!

We are doing the beach right now and you neeeeeeed to get your appointment. This does take extra effort on your part but the results are sooooooo worth it. These also make beautiful oil paintings. And I don't have to tell you white sand is prettier in a picture than oil. (These photos make great Christmas cards, too)

We are also doing the environmental portraits here at the studio....we have some really sweet settings here on our property. (also great cards)

When I started this business, it was all about building it, buying the next prop, or the bottom line on the spread sheet. Now as I get older, I realize what an awesome job I have to be able to see your children, watch them grow and steal an occasional hug. To all my sweet moms, thank you for that.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just Full of Personality

This little thing was just full of personality! We did her and mom and then, with her sweet cousin.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Senior fun

Just wanted to show you this senior lady. She was so much fun and agreeable to let me try some of my fun fantasy shots. Every year we try something new and this year it is the fantasy shots. They won't replace our regular shots but just adds a little fun to the shoot.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2011 Seniors...It's Time!

2011 Seniors....this is your summer to get your senior photos. Give us a call and we can set up an appointment....there are two specials for June and July......give us a call for details...994 7954.

This is Ms. Beckham Class of 2011.....we spent an afternoon shooting an outdoor session ....sooooooo much fun much variety. You can see her studio session here: